Help Your Doc…Help Yourself! believes that safe and effective healthcare is the result of informed patients who take responsibility for their health.   Research is beginning to show that patients can and should play an active role in their own health.  This site was started so that individuals can be armed with information as well as tools that will guide the process of diagnosis and improve the safety of their level of care. 

This site is not about self-diagnosis, it’s about being a positive force of change in your own health while working with trained clinicians.

This blog is developed by Michael Plishka.  Plishka has been working in the Medical Device Arena for over 15 years.  He is an innovator and problem solver and has over 15 US and International Patents to his credit. 

He is currently developing novel, patient driven ways of improving the accuracy of doctors’ diagnoses and  bringing down the infection rates in hospitals.


The service provided by this site is no substitute for a visit with a qualified, licensed health care professional.

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  1. Hello,

    I am writing to introduce you to the new, free “Healthassist” podcast hosted by Dianne Savastano, MBA, BSN, with hopes that you might give it a listen. The founder of a healthcare consultancy based North of Boston, Dianne’s among a growing number of patient advocates in America and was recently featured in a National Public Radio story on the subject.

    Now, following years of providing advice to clients one-on-one, Dianne is sharing her insider’s knowledge of the healthcare system with consumers. In 20-minute reports, she provides practical advice listeners can use immediately to impact their healthcare experience. Topics for the first few episodes include: making the most of your visit to a primary care physician, identifying and communicating with a specialist, preparing for and managing an inpatient hospital stay, and researching skilled nursing facilities.

    Future episodes will include interviews with healthcare and insurance professionals, elder law attorneys, estate planners, as well as patients and their family members. To subscribe to the new Healthassist podcast, visit the iTunes store and search for “Healthassist” or visit the podcast page on the Healthassist website http://www.healthassistcorp.com/podcasts

    I hope you will give the podcast a listen and consider mentioning it as a resource to your readers. If you’d like to suggest a story idea for a future podcast, please email: info@healthassistcorp.com


    Heatherjean MacNeil
    Project Manager
    T: 917-375-0803
    E: heatherjean@gmail.com

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