A New Use for Sharpie’s

The Mighty Sharpie!

The Mighty Sharpie!

You know, those permanent markers that cost a couple of bucks?  Spend those couple of dollars for insurance purposes if you go into the hospital.  This article shows that the because the ink in Sharpies is alcohol based it stays clean of infection.  So here are some tips for using the Sharpie next time you go to a hospital:

  • If you’re having surgery on part of your body, mark it with the Sharpie as a reminder of where to cut.  Statements like, “This is the bad foot,” while sounding funny, are actually a good way of reminding the docs where to cut.
  • Writing a little note like, “Swab my port,” if you have an IV line or, “Wash your hands,” somewhere on your arm will remind a nurse or doc to wash up before they touch you.

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